Meet the Team

Tim Fraiser

Tim grew up in Alabama and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004 when the U. S. Air Force transferred him and his family to Nellis Air Force Base. After serving 10 years, he left the military for ministry to serve as the Pastor of Counseling & Discipleship at his local church. He attended Liberty University, receiving an undergraduate degree in Psychology & Christian Counseling.

His formal education continued at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and he received a graduate degree in Leadership and Transformational Coaching. He is currently studying Marriage and Family Therapy and expects to graduate by May 2024. Additionally, Tim has received advanced certifications in the Enneagram, the Judgement Index, and the Gottman Relationship Check-up. He uses these tools to help clients grow their self-awareness, and their relational, emotional, and spiritual health.

Personally, Tim has encountered many of the same issues that may bring his clients into counseling. He wants his clients to know that his counsel comes not just from theory or training but also from actual life experiences. In other words, he sees himself as a “wounded healer”.

Tim has spent the last 11 years working with individuals, couples, and families in various pastoral and clinical settings. He is passionate about caring for the souls of pastors and ministry leaders, as they often do not have a safe space to process their own stories and hurts. As he works with clients in the counseling setting, he is continually filled with joy and amazement as people face their struggles and live into all God has created them to be. He looks forward to walking alongside you in your journey toward healing and wholeness.

Kate Fraiser

Hello! My name is Kate Fraiser and I serve as a Parent and Family Coach with Connect Point Moms and Discovery Point Ministries. As a Coach, I get to help you learn how to build stronger relational connections with the people in your life. Together, we can navigate through situations in ways that are God-honoring and long-lasting as you learn to do things differently for your social, emotional, and spiritual health.

In the past 25 years, I have had extensive experience working with teachers, parents, and children as a Teacher, Consultant, and Training and Curriculum Specialist. Currently, I serve as the Director of GP Early Childhood at Grace Point Church.

Additionally, Tim and I are still raising two teenagers, so I’m coming from not only a teaching and consulting background, but also as a mom with a home full of the ups and downs you also may be enjoying (or not) right now! 


Hello. My name is Teddie Miller and I’m the newest member of the Discovery Point Ministry Team. My role is helping Tim and Kate on administrative tasks.

I’m a retired mental health clinician and enjoy keeping my hand in the field whenever possible. I’m quite active in my church and enjoy spending time with my husband of 57 years, Chuck. We love to travel and especially love the beach!

I’ve been behind the scenes for awhile but now have been invited by Tim and Kate to take a more active role in this Ministry. You will most likely be in contact with me regarding appointments and billing, and wherever else I can be of assistance.

Contact me at: